Almost Launch Time

We’ve been hard at work for months working to build WP Incent.

This new-age incentive based WordPress theme will allow users of all types to create a professional website that other users can use to earn rewards.

We’ve made it both easy to use and appealing to the eyes by using the latest flat design. Before creating this website,, we tested the actual WP Incent theme in the ‘wild’ using multiple websites with different domains in different niches.

What we learned is that the survey for reward (incentive) market is thriving and users are looking for more ways to get things for free. We also learned the design principles are very important as users are very selective about websites.

We tested bounce rates, time on page, left/right alignment and much more. This has lead to us perfecting a ‘secret sauce’ or formula if you will that boosts conversion rates. This means that we were able to not only become profitable with this theme, but were also able to control it.

The production version of WP Incent that will be released soon will feature everything that we’ve learned and continue to learn. We honestly believe in helping you, the marketer to make money with our theme.

Many others appear to harbor new tech for themselves, squeezing every dime out of the market / niche before allowing others to know how they did it! Not so with us.