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WPIncent v0.1.8.2 – Changelog

This update is mainly CSS fixes and cleaning up the theme files for WP Incent. WP Incent is a responsive theme and will work for all mobile devices, with this in mind we work hard to provide the best mobile experience to your clients. UPDATE: Cleaned up inline CSS, moved to SCSS stylesheets FIXED: Responsive… Read more »

WPIncent v0.1.8.0 – Changelog

Here are the latest changes for the new version of WPIncent. UPDATE: Tighter point ratio calculations UPDATE: Point ratio panel option ADDED: Markup for user rewards (set profits) to panel ADDED: Obtain user country from user for AOC offers (on main offers page) (dropdown selector) ADDED: Add percentage markup to rewards and reward calculations ADDED:… Read more »

Earn Points Page Consolidation

Greetings, The WP Incentive team will be consolidating the ‘Earn Points’ page within WP Incent. Seeing as we are adding more and more services to our lineup. By doing this your clients will be able to easily select offers from a one page system. Offers such as CPALead, Peerfly and Mobile offers from We… Read more »

Making More Money with WP Incent

Many of our users are looking to make money online and are curious how to do so with WP Incent. CPA marketing / incentive marketing are definitely ways to earn more cash immediately. CPA Marketing will allow you to provide ‘offers’ to your users that they can complete. When they complete a CPA offer you… Read more »

Almost Launch Time

We’ve been hard at work for months working to build WP Incent. This new-age incentive based WordPress theme will allow users of all types to create a professional website that other users can use to earn rewards. We’ve made it both easy to use and appealing to the eyes by using the latest flat design. Before… Read more »