3 – Rewards

One aspect of owning an incentive website is that you are able to control details that are related to rewards. There are a few configurable options currently, these will likely grow to many more in the future as we add more functionality.

After you have lgged into your WordPress admin dashboard you’ll need to navigate to the WP Incent option panel and click on it.


Once inside of the WP Incent option panel click on the ‘Reward Settings’ menu option located on the left hand menu.

Require reward selection confirmation

This option will require that your users need to confirm their reward selection. For example, if a user selects a reward they will be asked again to confirm their reward selection. This is useful to ensure and avoid user errors.

How many points equal a dollar?

This option is responsible for your ratio. For instance, if a survey or offer a user completes has a payout of $1.00, how many points should this represent? Depending on the type of incentive based network you are trying to create you may want a lower or higher number.

How much do you want to markup?

Earn yourself extra money by increasing the cost of rewards in points by using markup. You can markup your rewards by any percentage that you choose.

For instance, if you offer a reward that is normally 10 points and mark it up by 10% then the reward will cost 11 points to you user. This option affects rewards globally within WP Incent.

Bonus points to give for social FB?

This option is responsible for issuing points to your users when they complete a social media task, such as liking you on Facebook.

Email to notify when user redeems?

Set the email address that should get an update when a user redeems enough points for a reward. This is an important option as you need to be in the loop when a user redeems so that you can fulfill you incentive orders.