4 – CPALead Settings

Let’s setup your CPALead incentive settings. These settings power your ability to include surveys & offers from the CPALead affiliate marketing website.

In order to set this up you’ll need a CPALead account.

CPALead Affiliate ID

Enter your CPALead affiliate ID into this field. This can be obtained from the CPALead website in the top right corner of the screen.


Copy and paste your affiliate ID into the field within your WP Incent option panel.

CPALead Widget ID

This is the widget ID that is called when a user interacts with CPALead offers on your website. You’ll need to make sure it is correct so that you can receive proper credit at CPALead and so that your statistics are also correct at their website.

CPALead Postback Password

Lastly, you’ll need to ensure that you set your CPALead Postback Password within WP Incent. This is very important as without it no postback will occur, which’ll result in your users not receiving credit!