Making More Money with WP Incent

Many of our users are looking to make money online and are curious how to do so with WP Incent.

CPA marketing / incentive marketing are definitely ways to earn more cash immediately. CPA Marketing will allow you to provide ‘offers’ to your users that they can complete. When they complete a CPA offer you earn money – simple! On the other hand, you can provide an incentive to your user to boost your conversion rate of CPA offers completed.

Think about it, when you don’t convert there has to be a reason. Sometimes a user didn’t like the offer, other times they may have something important to do, other times maybe your offer just lacks incentive? Imagine all of those failed leads that didn’t complete an offer, what if you had been offering an incentive for completing. Would they have been more likely to complete the offer?

By providing your user an incentive for completing your offers you will cross over into a new realm of earning online. Users are highly more likely to complete an offer if something is given to them. You can use this strategy to boost your earning potential! This is one reason why WP Incent is making money for it’s users. We actually field tested this theme privately “in the wild” before launching it as a viable product! Immediate earnings were seen on both CPALead and Peerfly campaigns that we ran.

Turnkey WordPress Software

WP Incent is ready to be used right out of the box! All you’ll need to do is set your affiliate ID for services that you use and you’re set!

There is no programming needed and anyone can set it up if they can setup WordPress. It’s as simple as installing a theme on a WordPress blog!

We’ve made sure getting started is super simple by also only needing 1 external plugin! Everything else that you’ll need is built into WP Incent.

How You’ll Make More w/ WP Incent

WP Incent comes with a professional web design that your users will absolutely love. Part of the battle to getting affiliate offers completed is how the user perceives your website. By having a nice looking, well functioning website you stand to boost your conversion rate.

Easily accessible offers are a feature of WP Incent. By displaying offers/surveys in an easy to access fashion you are making it easy for users to complete them. This is yet another way to boost your conversion rate.

Customizable User Dashboards are a tool that you can use to easily show information to your users. Have a urgent special offer that you want to show users? Show it! This is a simple way to earn more income.

Automation of WP Incent’s core processes make it extremely easy for a site admin to track users and completed offers. Not only will you be able to track via WP Incent, but you can also see related information at the affiliate marketing platforms.

WP Incent’s SEO Friendly design is sure to make it easy for search engines to understand your website and help you to get more free traffic. WP Incent comes with a blog area that you can take advantage of to get even more traffic from search engines.