WPIncent v0.1.8.0 – Changelog

Here are the latest changes for the new version of WPIncent.

UPDATE: Tighter point ratio calculations
UPDATE: Point ratio panel option
ADDED: Markup for user rewards (set profits) to panel
ADDED: Obtain user country from user for AOC offers (on main offers page) (dropdown selector)
ADDED: Add percentage markup to rewards and reward calculations
ADDED: Add new ArtOfClick mobile offers to offers page
ADDED: Single page for ArtOfClick offers
FIXED: Fix point calculation for offers
FIXED: Header spacing on single offer pages

This release was primarily for ArtOfClick support. Here are more detailed changes for ArtOfClick:

Streamlined offers page

Since we are adding more offers we needed to make a way for your clients to easily find an incentive offer they can use to earn points via your incentive site. In doing this we figured that the user needs to divulge their country to be able to see offers specific to their country and/or cell phones.



After user selects a country they will see a listing of eligible offers and a second page.



After which they can complete an offer on their mobile phone to quickly earn points (according to your points ratio in your admin panel).



Admin Panel Options



We really hope you enjoy this latest release of WP Incent! Big shout out to Cliff for the recommendation and supporting us!